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  • We serve ingredients from the Lake Tazawako area, which is nestled in between mountains, lakes, and hot springs. (The photo provides one example.)

  • You get to mainly enjoy Akita Nishiki beef steak as well as a host of other sophisticated foods. As it is the finest tasting meat, you only need rock salt when enjoying it. And raw fish and other foods are a cut above as well. (The photo provides one example.)


  • We serve kaiseki Japanese haute cuisine crafted from Akita’s own seasonal specialties. Enjoy the flavor of foods that have been prepared with the finest local ingredients. * The menu is subject to change due to reasons pertaining to the season or ingredient availability. (The photo provides one example.)

  • For arrangements such as the all-you-eat sushi, our own sushi chefs prepare the sushi right in front of customers. Treat yourself to freshly made sushi. (As the serving of sushi is limited to certain days of the week, it is recommended that customers check in advance.)

  • How about channel rockfish and braised shark fin on a special occasion? (The photo provides an example of the type of a la carte dishes served.)

  • Chawanmushi is a seasonal savory custard dish that is popular among ladies. (This is not the only dish available. The photo provides one example.)

  • The art of sake manufacturing developed in Akita has been handed down for over 320 years at Suzukisyuzo. You get to try three leading varieties of Hideyoshi, the brewer’s local brand (1,230 yen not including tax).


Getting the perfect rice, which is the very foundation of a good breakfast.

We at New Sky are unrelenting in our pursuit of the finest rice, which is the very foundation of a good breakfast. We are now using Akitakomachi, which was derived from the Koshihikari variety of rice.

Of the Akitakomachi rice that is available, we choose that which has been grown in the finest paddies. It is rinsed with the waters (soft water) that run from Mt. Akita Komagatake and is then steamed over a strong flame.

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